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  • Sport

    Selection of the most interesting offers of sports and recreation in the area.

    Learn kiteboarding in the best place in Croatia.

    Neretva adventure - Quad i safari avantura
    Neretva Adventure offers unique trip with quad and unforgettable safari adventure. Quite unmistakable way of getting to know the natural beauty through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Neretva and see how nature can be a magical and colorful.

    Explore Neretva - Kajaci i bicikli
    If you're one of those people who like to actively spend their holidays, join us in discovering and exploring the beautiful landscape of the valley. Enjoy the picturesque kayaking through untouched river and wetland backwaters and the beautiful sea. You can enjoy the thrilling rides a bicycle through dozens of kilometers of various bicycle paths that pass through the tangerine plantations and fields of various organically grown crops. Furthermore, miles of sandy beaches at the mouth of the Neretva and soothing breeze you can feel in the afternoon, make up the perfect conditions for our sailing school. And for adrenaline junkies, this is also an ideal place to master the skills of kite - surfing.

    Stand up paddle
    School of SUP and tour of BaŠina Lakes.

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